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Chris Hill - Digital Cypher Photography

Born in rural northeast Missouri, Chris is no stranger to abandoned spaces and sprawling landscapes. So it’s not a surprise that these pallets are a recurring theme in much of his work. Now South Florida based, Chris strives to find the beauty in grimy urban backdrop.

Lately Chris has teamed up many of south Florida’s music scene to document different events, concerts, and other happenings… He recently shot the album cover for Ft. Lauderdale’s own Protoman, not to mention helping out south Florida favorite Bleubird by shooting promo videos, press photos, and even a full scale music video for his Fake Four Inc. release, Cannonball!!!

Chris shots a broad spectrum of films and formats, but always preferring to fall back on the vintage and flawed feel that he receives with old dusty polaroids and worn and tattered film cameras.

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